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COVID-19 Daily: Ventilator Rationing, Fast-Turnaround Tests

What your doctor is reading on MARCH 28, 2020 — Here are the latest coronavirus stories Medscape’s editors around the globe think you need to know about today:  Ventilator Rationing? Over the last week, advocates reported that various US states are planning to ration ventilators and other crucial COVID-19 treatments based on patients’ age, overall health,… Read More »

Heroism is a process for physicians

Was everyone in medical school as young, innocent, and wildly stupid as we were? The Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine required superlatives: most, best, fastest … dumbest? Before each test, my friend Frank and I would scroll through our mental Rolodexes of “What are our other options?” (As opposed to being stuck inside with… Read More »

The coronavirus is starting to hit rural America hard —here’s a map of the counties most affected

The coronavirus is rapidly surging throughout the United States, with some small rural counties leading the country in per capita rates of confirmed cases, according to a CNBC data analysis.  Rural counties like Gunnison County, Colorado; Blaine County, Idaho; and Summit County, Utah have all been struggling with a recent surge in infections. The counties, located… Read More »

Federal health agencies block journalists’ access to COVID-19 experts & information

It is a form of censorship.  Journalists trying to cover COVID-19 are not allowed to talk with many federal health researchers or administrators without checking in first with government “public information officers” or PIOs. Sometimes the request is denied outright. Oftentimes, if a reporter is granted an interview, a PIO insists on sitting in on… Read More »

Internet users share hilarious memes as Boris Johnson tests positive for coronavirus

Internet users share hilarious memes as Boris Johnson tests positive for coronavirus after declaring ‘I shook hands with everyone’ on hospital visit Internet wags have taken to twitter to mock Boris Johnson over his condition  The 55-year-old Prime Minister admitted today he has contracted coronavirus The Prime Minister assured the nation that he was still… Read More »