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In the crucible of mistrust and health care

Trust has always been the foundation of any relationship between a patient and those of us in health care. Clinicians enter patient encounters with the presumption they will be trusted, based on their knowledge and good intentions. But medicine is changing, and today patient-doctor relationships are buffeted by a complex labyrinth of a rapidly evolving… Read More »

These leaders will not fix health care

We constantly argue about how to fix the U.S. health care system. But what we must understand is that the most important issue isn’t how to fix health care. The issue is how to get our Congress, the President, and the health care industry to allow anything of importance to change at all. The problem… Read More »

Providers build data-driven health networks for value-based care

As healthcare providers transition from fee-for-service to value-based care, they are better leveraging data to improve quality and health outcomes, as well as lower costs and increase patient satisfaction. Providers like Geisinger Health System and Hackensack Meridian Health have long been innovators when it comes utilizing electronic health records and data analytics. However, both organizations… Read More »

Fact-checking – by itself – is inherently flawed on health care topics

Fact-checking has become one of the buzziest buzzwords in journalism. There are more than 100 fact-checking projects around the world. It’s been trotted out to counter alleged “fake” news.  And to monitor the accuracy of political leaders who stretch the boundaries of believability. April 2 has been proclaimed International Fact-Checking Day. Indeed, genuine fact-checking may play an important… Read More »