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Tech-enabled bank system launches new platform to give NHS trusts control over workforce data

Tech-enabled bank service Patchwork has launched an insights platform to give health organisations power over their data.  The new platform, Patchwork Insights, makes sense of the mass of temporary staffing data most organisations have, and unlocks real-time insights and intuitive reporting to enable more effective, data-driven decision making.  Patchwork is already working with 14 NHS trusts, across… Read More »

Laser Ultrasound System Images People’s Insides from a Distance

Clinical non-invasive ultrasounds require their transducers to make contact with the skin, as that allows high frequency vibrations to travel through the body. Many patients, including children, people with burns, and those with sensitive skin would rather be scanned using a contact-free system. Researchers at MIT have now shown that it is indeed possible to… Read More »

Congress’ only female doctor is poised to change the healthcare system

Before joining Congress last year, Democrat Kim Schrier spent two decades counseling anxious parents and caring for sick children in her pediatric practice in Issaquah, Washington. Schrier, 51, took pride in becoming what she called a “de facto grandparent” — she would often be the parents’ first call when their baby was sick or wouldn’t… Read More »