Terrifying danger hidden in your bathtub

By | July 21, 2019

There’s no debating there are nasties all around us no matter where or how we live our lives.

But one Sydney mum has shared some of her recent findings in a Facebook group, and it will have you questioning something as simple as … well, how you wash your kids!

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“My son’s diagnosis is Autism Spectrum Disorder,” the mum, who wishes to remain anonymous, told Kidspot.

The boy, who is turning four next month, suffers from sleeplessness, extreme emotional outbursts, and an inability to self-regulate, and as a result, his mum has had to quit work to meet his daily needs.

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“He has significant behavioural challenges and developmental delays. His paediatrician ordered a few tests to gain a better understanding of his current health,” she said.

When the test results came back, the family were in shock.

“The Lead Toxicity finding took us all by surprise,” she said.

“We consider ourselves a typical health conscious Australian family, we eat well and avoid the use of chemical cleaning products, highly processed food and other toxins. My son is in great health, so there were no physical indicators, only behavioural — which is starting to make sense now that I’ve looked into lead poisoning.

“If the lead has been the cause of this all along, I’m overjoyed to think that life could become much more relaxed in the future!”

Armed with this new information, the woman went out and bought a test kit to test for lead within her home.

“Once I swabbed the bath, the dye reacted with the lead and instantly turned red,” she said.

“I have been bathing him daily in the bath his whole life. I also have a 13-month-old son, whom would have been exposed for the past year as well.

“The bathroom is original to the house and built around 1954-1956. The home is owned by my parents, and I also grew up in it, so would have also used the bath as a child.

“My focus was to find and eliminate the source of the lead exposure, as treatment can’t commence while exposure is present.”

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The family now plan to work with their paediatrician to help remove the lead from the little boy’s body, but were happy to share a warning to hopefully spare other parents from the mystery.

Better Health lists the following symptoms for lead exposure:

The boy’s mum says she attributed many of these symptoms to his diagnosis:

“The symptoms include anxiety, learning difficulties, irritability, behavioural problems and trouble concentrating, all of which I would have put down to his diagnosis,” she said.

“I’m sure most parents would pass these signs off as kids just misbehaving or even typical childhood behaviour.”

She also added that many others have contacted her since sharing the post, with similar results in their homes.

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