15 Summer Snacks You Haven’t Eaten Yet—But Should Be

By | June 12, 2021

Snacks are the lifeblood of summer. Snacks at the pool, snacks at the park, snacks after a hike walking around the block several times, snacks on your friend’s terrace (the one with the building you StreetEasy’d when she moved in—you know). I think I’ve sufficiently explained the importance of summer snacks, yes? Moving on.

There are rules. And even though I didn’t make them, I very much understand why they exist. I think you will too. Here’s how to play this game: 1) Very little heat must be used in the creation of said snacks. 2) Summer snack preparation must not exceed 60 minutes. Finally, 3) the colder, the better.

Below, you’ll find allllll sorts of good sh*t, including—but not limited to—watermelon toast, no-bake energy balls, strawberry jalapeno salsa, and (naturally) mozz sticks. Let’s do this!

Watermelon toast

a slice of watermelon with strawberries on top


I know “Watermelon Sugar” was a summer 2020 thing, but here I am singing it while I eat this slice of watermelon topped with farmer cheese (don’t overthink it) and strawberries.

Recipe from Lifeway.

A poptart ice cream sandwich

poptart ice cream sandwich

Helin Jung

How could you not? If you’re intimidated, watch the YouTube video and take a breath. It’s gonna be worth it.

Recipe from Cosmopolitan.

Chocolate Peanut Butter Smoothie

chocolate peanut butter smoothie

Eating Bird Food

I mean, it’s basically a milkshake. BUT hear me out, lactose-intolerant friends: It’s made with peanut butter, oats, plant-based milk, and bananas. No dairy toots here.

Recipe from Eating Bird Food.

Crispy pan-fried chickpeas

OK, you’ll have to click the link here to see this (sorry!), but I’m including this crunchy, salty, smoky treat because you need it in your life.

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Recipe from Rachel Ama.

Everything bagel cream cheese bites

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So simple, so cheesy, so everything bagel-y. I’m literally drooling rn. Please look away.

Recipe from ActualFoodie.

No-bake energy balls

no bake energy balls in a glass container

Eating Bird Food

Your girl at Eating Bird Food has ANOTHER delicious peanut-butter-based treat for when you want something cookie-like but would rather die than turn on your oven. Enjoy.

Recipe from Eating Bird Food.

Sour Patch Kids grapes

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Lime juice and green grapes. That’s it. That’s the whole recipe. Your dentist will also appreciate this summer snack.

Recipe from @MiaNicoleWilson on TikTok.

Best air fryer mozzarella sticks

air fryer mozzerella sticks


The step that takes the longest is freezing the cheese, so this ~techinically~ breaks no rules.

Recipe from Delish.

Strawberry jalapeño salsa

a bowl of strawberry jalepeño salsa

jessica in the kitchen

Another simple yet really, truly satisfying snack, this one requires things you def have chillin’ in your fridge just waiting for their time to shine. This is it!

Recipe from Jessica in the Kitchen.

Prosciutto-topped cucumber crostini

prosciutto topped cucumber crostinis

Spoon Fork Bacon

If you’re a person who appreciates when salty and sweet are partners in crime, here you go.

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Recipe from Spoon Fork Bacon.

Chocolate peanut butter banana Ritz crackers

chocoloate peanut butter banana ritz crackers

Home Made Interest

Clearly, I have a soft spot for PB&C. You’re gonna love how easy this one is though. It’d be embarrassing if it wasn’t so delicious.

Recipe from Home Made Interest.

Frozen banana yogurt pops

frozen banana yogurt pops

The produce moms

Gor-geous! They’re also ridiculously simple to make. Bet you can guess the first two ingredients. 😉

Recipe from The Produce Moms.

Frozen blueberry bites

frozen blueberry bites

LIve Eat Learn

Well, would ya look at that! Another frozen fruit snack. It’s SUMMER! ok!?

Recipe from Live Eat Learn.

Steak frites bites

steak frites bites


Surprise! This one does sorta break the rules, but when you taste it you’ll forgive me. These are great when you’re really trying the most.

Recipe from Delish.

Prosecco grapes

prosecco grapes


It feels right to end this beautiful list of summer snackies with something involving wine and vodka, right? Bless you, Delish editors.

Recipe from Delish.

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