Bull named after hero who stopped Texas church shooting, Jack Wilson

By | January 4, 2020

Jack Wilson — the heroic firearms instructor who stopped a deadly church shooting in Texas last month — clearly takes no bull.

Jack Wilson
Jack Wilson

Now, he has one named after him: a 6-year-old bucking bull riding Friday night at Madison Square Garden when the Professional Bull Riders kick off their 2020 season.

Previously named The Punisher, the bull’s co-owners, Gene Owen and Bill Henson, were inspired by Wilson’s heroics. And Owen, an Oklahoma-based stock contractor, called the name change a “thank you” to the 71-year-old sure-shot Texan.

“I thought Jack Wilson is the coolest guy walking right now,” Owen tells The Post. “He took out an evil man with one shot and within six seconds, the whole deal was done. He saved lives. I doubt he even wants it, but it’s to thank him for what he’s done.”

During Sunday services last week, a gunman opened fire in the West Freeway Church of Christ near Fort Worth, and a quick-thinking Wilson pulled out a handgun and shot him dead.

The beast is even quicker than Wilson’s smoking trigger finger. He has an impressively swift buck-off time of 3.24, meaning riders on average don’t last much longer than three seconds on his back.

Owen, who has 10 bulls competing at MSG this weekend, said Jack Wilson (the bull) is a social creature.

“He has a lot of energy. He likes to be with his buddies. Some bulls don’t like to be with other bulls, but he does. He is good-natured and docile.”

But like his namesake, he can make a powerful move at a moment’s notice.

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“He bucks hard. I think he’s coming into his prime.”

Riding Jack Wilson tonight will be Ezekiel Mitchell, a rising star out of Texas.

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