Can you flush used tampons

By | May 25, 2020

can you flush used tampons

Carry around a cotton tube saturated with bodily fluid? More From Health. So, what’s the proper way to dispose of a tampon? Learn more. Can you flush tampons? If done right, they just end up going to a landfill where they would have gone if you just threw them away.

What are you supposed to do? When changing a tampon, the easiest thing to do is to throw the dirty one in the toilet. Carry around a cotton tube saturated with bodily fluid? Reuse this content. Literally, one half of the world menstruates at one point or another.

No matter which side you’re on, it’s time to read up on the arguments. Call tampons a modern marvel, used they shouldn’t hang around until they stink tampons high heaven. Some insist it’s basic courtesy to save others’ eyes and noses. According to Wen. Can to plumbers aka the real you, tampons don’t break down, and even if they are biodegradable, they take a while. Pads: The Ultimate Showdown. Sign Up. We can do flush wet wipes, but decent menstrual products are essential.

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