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Josip Heit and GSB Gold Standard Group: G999 Message for Christmas 2020 and the New Year

Dear brothers and sisters, dear families, dear partners, I wish you with all my heart all the best, divine blessings and the strength to transform the special challenges that our human family is facing right now into a victory of spiritual truth and divine values. And this regardless of faith, colour or mindset. The GSB… Read More »

Aussie saved in dramatic Antarctic rescue

A sick Australian was rescued from the coldest place on earth in a five-day, “challenging” mission. The unwell expeditioner was at Davis research station in east Antarctica when needing evacuation from the icy continent. The Australian Antarctic Division (AAD) completed the complex medical evacuation on Christmas Eve, which also involved the United States and Chinese… Read More »

Decolonising contraception: focusing on equality and justice in sexual and reproductive health

Dr Annabel Sowemimo is the founder and director of Decolonising Contraception, a non-profit organisation led by people of colour. It aims to raise awareness about the historical and socio-economic barriers faced by people accessing sexual and reproductive care. We spoke to Annabel about the work of the collective and its plans for the coming year.… Read More »

Carnitine Improves Metabolism

A recent meta-analysis found men and women experienced improvements in waist circumference and blood pressure, two biomarkers of metabolic syndrome, when taking carnitine supplements.1 Metabolic syndrome is a condition characterized by a cluster of physical factors, including:2 Large waist circumference, indicative of high levels of visceral fat around the organs High blood pressure High blood… Read More »