Everything You Need To Know (and Probably Forgot) From ‘Baby’ Season 2

By | September 15, 2020

Alright, everyone. It’s time to revisit the world of Baby on Netflix, where Italian teenagers seemingly run their own lives with little to no oversight from their parents, and, unsurprisingly, chaos ensues. The third and final season of the show hits the streamer this Wednesday, and because it’s been almost a full year since the last one dropped, we’re here to refresh your memory on everything that happened last time. Here’s where every major character was at the end of Baby season 2.


chiara in 'baby'


Chiara spent the first part of the season blissfully dating Damiano, but things went south when she discovered Fiore was blackmailing Damiano for the night of the car crash that killed Saverio. She made a deal with Fiore that if she started her sex work again, Fiore would leave Damiano alone.

Her classmate Brando, who has generally been The Worst in both seasons of this show, catches Chiara on video while working, and uses the video to blackmail her. Basically, Brando is gay, he doesn’t want people to find out, so he uses the video of Chiara to exploit her into breaking up with Damiano to fake date him instead. She eventually gets out of that situation by setting up a sexual encounter between Brando’s dad and a minor, which she gets on tape. Yeah. It’s basically a never-ending cycle of blackmail over here.

The season ends with Chiara telling Damiano that while she loves him, he needs to know and accept who she really is for their relationship to continue. She’s not the perfect girl he thinks she is. More on that later.

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ludovica in 'baby'


Unlike Chiara, Ludo starts the season still engaging in sex work. Things get dicey without Saverio, though, and one client starts to stalk her. That’s a huge part of her plotline for the season.

Meanwhile, her mom starts to date the headmaster at her school (Fabio’s dad), and the two men move into Ludo’s house. She finds a friend in Fabio, though, so it’s okay. Unrelated to that, she befriends a teacher who was originally supposed to be one of her clients but decided not to sleep with her because she was a minor. But one night, Ludo goes to his house to find comfort after her stalker shows up at her school, and the teacher makes a move. Yikes on all fronts.

In the last episode of season 2, Ludo gets so freaked out by her stalker that she reluctantly agrees to go stay at the apartment Fiore rented for the girls because Chiara convinces her she’ll be safer there. In one of the last scenes of the finale, we see Fiore meeting up with Ludo’s “stalker,” and giving him what appears to be money. It seems like viewers are supposed to believe the stalker was only ever stalking her because Fiore paid him to, manipulating Ludo into thinking she was unsafe.


damiano from 'baby'


At the beginning of S2, Damiano is working for Fiore because Fiore is blackmailing him. That involves being a driver for Natalia, another sex worker. In a move that seems pretty random to him, Fiore tells Damiano he doesn’t have to work for him anymore. Damiano has no idea that Chiara made a deal on his behalf.

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Then, Chiara breaks up with Damiano (because of the Brando situation, but again, Damiano doesn’t know that). He’s devastated, and he sleeps with Natalia to try to get over Chiara. Spoiler, it doesn’t work!

Once Chiara’s handled the Brando problem, she goes back to Damiano, and tells him they can only be together if he knows everything about her. Later, Damiano realizes the man who’s been following him all season was actually hired by his father, and he’s also been tailing Chiara. Damiano finds pictures of Chiara working with older men, and it devastates him. That’s the real cliffhanger of S2.


fiore in 'baby'


Let’s see, he blackmails Damiano, a literal child. He continues to manipulate Ludo and Chiara, also literal children. He buys the girls an apartment to bring their clients, in maybe the creepiest move yet. And then, it’s revealed at the end of season 2 that he probably was the one behind Ludo’s stalker the entire time. Great!


brando in 'baby'


It would be so easy to shit on Brando, but he’s obviously going through some serious personal stuff in regards to his sexuality, so we’ll be nice here. The season ends with Chiara holding the video of his dad over his head, thus getting her out from under his thumb. Fabio tells Brando they can only be together if he comes out, which Brando isn’t ready to do. His final scene of the season shows him appearing to overdose after an encounter with a prostitute.


fabio in 'baby'


Fabio has a boyfriend for the majority of this season, but he’s also romantic with Brando on the side. He gives Brando an ultimatum at the end of the season. It doesn’t go well.

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niccolo in 'baby'


The big reveal at the end of the season for Niccolo is his girlfriend Virginia’s pregnancy. Right as he’s about to break up with her, she tells him she might be pregnant, but she hasn’t taken a test yet. When she goes into the bathroom to actually take said test, she doesn’t even open it or actually take it. She just leaves the bathroom and tells him it’s positive. I’m sure there will be more to come on that front in season 3.

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