How Long Does The Amazing Race Actually Last?

By | April 9, 2019
The Amazing Race, Season 13

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In The Amazing Race, eleven teams of two compete in a series of challenges, like a lot of other reality shows. But on this show, teams are doing these challenges all around the world. Each destination has a different mental or physical challenge, and the teams who are the farthest behind are eliminated as the competition goes on, with the first team to reach the final destination winning the $ 1 million dollar prize.

All of the globe-trotting seen on the show seems really cool, but fans of the show still want to know exactly how long the Racers spend on the road.

How long is The Amazing Race, exactly?

In the American version of Amazing Race, contestants spend between 21 to 30 days racing around the world, depending on the season, and they visit anywhere from three to six continents.

But it seems like 21 days is the norm for most seasons, as Amazing Race host Phil Keoghan is fond of using the hashtag “#12shows21days” for his social media posts about the show.

And in his Reddit AMA, Keoghan further explained how long it takes for the show to film. “The show happens very quickly and time is always a challenge for us. Many people don’t realize that we shoot all 12 episodes in just 21 days. If you factor in all the international travel and the other travel that we do to get from place to place, there’s not a huge amount of time to be hanging out,” he wrote.

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He also added that he tries to take time to bond with the teams on the show. “I do record in-depth interviews with the teams when they check-in and that’s really the time I get to connect with them.”

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