Photocopier Sex Position For Christmas? Here’s The Perfect Way To Have A Hot Quickie During The Festive Season

By | December 19, 2019
Photocopier Sex Position For Christmas? Here's The Perfect Way To Have A Hot Quickie During The Festive Season

The Photocopier Sex Position (Photo Credits: The Noun Project and File Image)

So with Christmas around the corner, you might want to get a little frisky and lose yourself in the festive mood. Christmas parties and get-togethers are a perfect opportunity to have some really great sex! However, did you know there are certain sex positions that you might want to try this Christmas? One of the most popular ones is The Photocopier sex position. We had recently discussed the Secret Santa sex position but now netizens are falling in love with this sneaky sex position that you can try with your crush or somebody you like. Now since it is called Photocopier sex position, you might be confused why is going viral on Christmas? Well, the answer is simple. During Christmas, you have parties where you invite everyone from your friends to your office colleagues and it is a perfect time to let your guards down and mingle with people. The photocopier sex position is one of the easiest and sneaky sex position that can guarantee a perfect quickie.

Photocopier Sex Position

This is probably one of the most tried out sex positions in movies. To try out this sex position a partner has to stand straight while the other has to jump up on you wrapping their leg around their waist. The person who is standing has to hold the other person by their waist and bum. The person who has the legs wrapped around the person can also sit on a desk or “photocopier” to have quick, steamy sex.

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Right from secret Santa sex position to roleplay as elf and Santa, there is so much you can do to heat up the festivities. You can even keep sexy Santa-themed parties! Do you copy that? LOL. While it has been given a very fun name the sex position has been tried beforehand and looks extremely sexy. It is great for a short but heated sex session.

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