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Angelina Jolie reveals daughter Zahara’s post-surgery care impacted by race

Loading the player… The racial disparities in the medical community have been a hot topic over the last few years and now Hollywood veteran Angelina Jolie is opening up about how those systemic biases directly impacted her own child. In a Time article published Wednesday, the 46-year-old actress interviewed a medical student named Malone Mukwende, who is… Read More »

Zombie health care news

Although I am advancing rapidly into almost complete retirement, there are some days/weeks when I can’t refrain from pointing out some of the troubling health care news I see.  This is one such week. First, the COVID zombie news My local Star Tribune newspaper delivered this front page news: University of Minnesota, Mayo report COVID-fighting success… Read More »

Aussies willing to pay elderly care tax

Most Australians support paying more tax to fix the nation’s scandal-plagued aged care system, a survey has revealed. The Australian National University study involved 3200 respondents, with 85.4 per cent backing an aged care improvement levy. “A third of those in favour, 33.5 per cent, said this levy should be paid by all taxpayers,” study… Read More »