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Can acne on chest itchy

In addition, a person may find that pityrosporum folliculitis gets better if they keep the skin clean and dry and wear breathable clothing. Scratching, picking, or popping pimples can lead to skin damage and permanent scars. Why is my skin itchy? Keywords fungal acne fitness acne breakouts pimple cystic acne whiteheads acid salicyclic acid face… Read More »

Chest pain and leg pain: Are they connected?

Leg pain and chest pain do not typically occur together. However, there is a connection between leg pain and heart health, so a person may experience both of these symptoms at the same time. If a person is experiencing chest pain, they should seek medical attention immediately as it may indicate a heart attack. In… Read More »

Woman’s chest pain diagnosed as ‘spiraling esophagus’: What’s that?

Swiss woman lives with a ‘spiraling’ esophagus Medical Mysteries and Marvels: A Swiss woman is diagnosed with a ‘spiraling’ esophagus, a condition where the esophagus literally squeezes itself into a shape that resembles a spiraling staircase. The rare phenomenon caused the woman to experience dramatic weight loss and painful spasms after she ate food. An… Read More »