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Covid-19 UK: Hull, Bath and Derby outbreaks growing quickest

What’s the infection rate in YOUR town? Interactive module reveals how quickly Covid-19 outbreaks are growing across England as official data shows cases are rising quickest in Hull, Derby and Somerset EXCLUSIVE: Hull and Derby saw their coronavirus epidemics almost double in the week ending October 25  Their seven-day infection rates are now 279 and… Read More »

Inside Ontario’s overwhelmed labs: How lingering issues and mistakes caused massive COVID-19 testing backlog

Article content continued To reduce that friction, the Public Health Labs, under Allen, have been buying exclusively non-proprietary instruments since February. That allows them to mix and match supplies for different parts of the operation from different suppliers, some of them domestic. But the so-called open systems just aren’t as powerful as the best proprietary… Read More »

The COVID-19 Pandemic Has Accelerated Our Demand for Wellness – Learning from Ogilvy

Every company is a tech company, strategy consultants asserted over the past decade. The coronavirus pandemic has revealed that every company is a health and wellness company now, at least in the eyes of consumers around the world. In The Wellness Gap, the health and wellness team at Ogilvy explores the mindsets of consumers in… Read More »

Physios and paramedics will be trained to deliver flu and Covid-19 jabs

Physios and paramedics to be trained to deliver flu and Covid-19 jabs as health chiefs gear up for mass vaccination programmes Currently, only doctors, pharmacists and some nurses legally allowed to give jab  New law passed today grant more health workers ability, including midwives Health bosses say it will ‘increase access to jabs and save… Read More »