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Covid vaccine skepticism will prevent U.S. from reaching normalcy, ICU doctor says

A new poll found that 49% of Republican men said they won’t get vaccinated for Covid-19 and Dr. Vin Gupta said that “will determine the trajectory of this pandemic” to the detriment of all Americans. “All forecasts right now say that we’re going to be past the worst of this with normalcy by say end… Read More »

Ask the Doctor: D. Todd Detar, DO, Answers Questions about Osteopathic Medicine and His Role in the Community

D. Todd Detar, DO Q. What attracted you to medicine? A. While studying health education at the University of Delaware, a college sports injury ended my life’s dream of becoming an NFL player. One of my coaches saw an opportunity for me to work as a trainer for the Philadelphia Phillies, and over time, I… Read More »

Keto soup diet doctor

If I’m avoiding lactose, what could I replace the heavy whipping cream with? I also added scallions. Very thick and cream cheese-y. Adding broth is a great way to thin a rich savory dish. You can make your own broth by boiling chicken bones! Such a fast, delicious meal! Guide A low-carb high-fat LCHF or… Read More »