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Pets linked to maintaining better mental health and reducing loneliness during lockdown, new research shows

Sharing a home with a pet appeared to act as a buffer against psychological stress during lockdown, a new survey shows. Most people who took part in the research perceived their pets to be a source of considerable support during the lockdown period (23 March — 1 June, 2020). The study — from the University… Read More »

Health programs wellness at work diet nutrition exercise

Implement time for team recognition or better exercise, train department leaders on effective leadership strategies so that programs continually receive the praise and constructive feedback that helps them feel valued at work. Provide employees with adequate vacation days and ensure they use them. Health Die Nutrition is a well-being company which creates some of the… Read More »

Louisiana health department wants Medicaid contract search do-over

Dive Brief: Louisiana’s health department wants to withdraw its intent to award contracts to four managed care organizations and instead start a new bidding process, according to a Friday press release. A protest period created by a legal dispute over the awards has delayed implementation. Courtney Phillips, secretary of the Louisiana Department of Health, said… Read More »