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Can You Safely Give Birth at Home?

The question of where and how to give birth is a relatively new one for women. Up until the early 20th century, fewer than 5% of women gave birth in a hospital. In the 1950s the birth of a baby, an event that had once been a family affair and attended by a midwife, became… Read More »

Tips For Ensuring Healthy Air in Your Home

https://unsplash.com/photos/0bKdPUNGQFc Many people think that their house is a safe space with no pollutants, bacterias, and potential health risks, when in fact, indoor air can be two up to five times more polluted than the air outdoors. Bad air quality can have a significant impact on you and your relatives, that’s why it’s essential to… Read More »

Senate GOP proposes coronavirus nursing home ‘strike teams’

Senate Republicans proposed establishing strike teams meant to assist nursing home staff in preventing the coronavirus. The provision is part of the GOP proposal for a second major round of pandemic relief introduced Monday, the HEALS Act. “We extend for five years the CARES ACT provision that pays clinics and health centers for telehealth to… Read More »