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Carnitine Improves Metabolism

A recent meta-analysis found men and women experienced improvements in waist circumference and blood pressure, two biomarkers of metabolic syndrome, when taking carnitine supplements.1 Metabolic syndrome is a condition characterized by a cluster of physical factors, including:2 Large waist circumference, indicative of high levels of visceral fat around the organs High blood pressure High blood… Read More »

Prenatal Folate Increases Child Brain Volumes, Improves Cognitive Development 

The US Preventive Services Task Force (USPSTF) unequivocally recommends that ALL WOMEN who are either planning or capable of pregnancy take a DAILY SUPPLEMENT containing 0.4 TO 0.8 mg (400-800 µg) OF FOLIC ACID.   While the most obvious benefit of prenatal use of folate is a significant reduction in risk of neural tube defects, other… Read More »