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Anxiety May Be an Inherited Trait

Editor’s Note: This article is a reprint. It was originally published August 16, 2018. Anxiety has exponentially risen in recent years. Not only do more than half of all American college students report anxiety,1,2 research3 also shows anxiety — characterized by constant and overwhelming worry and fear — is now 800% more prevalent than all… Read More »

How is familial hemiplegic migraine inherited

Alternative titles; symbols. Other entities represented in this entry. Another locus for familial hemiplegic migraine FHM4 has been located on chromosome 1q31 see Familial hemiplegic migraine-1 FHM1 is an autosomal dominant form of migraine with aura. Typical attacks include a unilateral motor deficit associated with paresthesias, speech disturbances, or visual signs. These aura symptoms last… Read More »

New gene therapy to treat rare inherited blood condition

EMA has recommended granting a marketing authorisation in the European Union for a genetically modified product for beta-thalassaemia, a rare inherited blood condition that causes severe anaemia. Zynteglo is intended for adult and adolescent patients 12 years and older who need regular blood transfusions to manage their disease and have no matching donor for a stem cell… Read More »