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Crown Lengthening Procedure using Dental Diode Laser

Author Pioon Laser Published November 7, 2020 Word count 396 Introduction- Crown lengthening is a surgical procedure designed to increase the extent of supra-gingival tooth structure for esthetic and restorative purposes. Based on the clinical scenario, crown lengthening procedure is categorized as either esthetic or functional. Esthetic crown lengthening is usually done in the anterior… Read More »

Laser Ultrasound System Images People’s Insides from a Distance

Clinical non-invasive ultrasounds require their transducers to make contact with the skin, as that allows high frequency vibrations to travel through the body. Many patients, including children, people with burns, and those with sensitive skin would rather be scanned using a contact-free system. Researchers at MIT have now shown that it is indeed possible to… Read More »