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More Poison Found in Baby Food

Some commercially prepared baby foods can contain as much sugar and unhealthy fats as junk food. A recent Congressional report has also found some of the largest commercially prepared baby food brands also contain significant levels of toxic heavy metals.1,2 Commercially prepared baby food may also contain other questionable ingredients, including genetically modified soy, synthetic… Read More »

More Reasons to Avoid Acetaminophen

Acetaminophen, known by the brand names Tylenol and Panadol, is the most widely used drug ingredient in the U.S., taken by more than 50 million Americans every week.1 Most don’t think twice about popping a couple of Tylenol tablets to take the edge off a headache or other minor aches and pains, believing it to… Read More »

More Evidence Proves Lockdowns Are a Dangerous Lie

In a peer-reviewed study, researchers found global data do not support lockdowns to restrict the spread of SARS-CoV-21 but, rather, suggested less restrictive interventions could reduce the growth of tested “cases.” As I’ve written, PCR tests don’t distinguish between live viruses and noninfectious viral particles. But, the rising number of positive “cases” have been used… Read More »