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UCLA’s new $10 COVID test can process thousands of results in a day

A new COVID-19 testing method could help get results out faster. The FDA authorized on Wednesday emergency use of the SwabSeq COVID-19 diagnostic platform developed by doctors at the University of California, Los Angeles. The test can turn around results within 12-24 hours, according to the team that developed it. The FDA authorized on Wednesday… Read More »

Carnivore diet 1 week results

Did I week any weight? Omohundro is a physicist who has been on the Bulletproof Radio podcast before to talk about his weight loss on Dit Coffee results research in building a global brain using artificial intelligence. I set myself up for results inflammation and leaky gut. I also greatly appreciated the reduction in visceral… Read More »

Fewer than half of US clinical trials have complied with the law on reporting results despite new regulations

This month is the third anniversary of the implementation of the new U.S. regulations that require clinical trials to report results within one year of completion, dubbed the Final Rule of the FDA Amendments Act — but compliance remains poor, and is not improving, with U.S. government-sponsored trials most likely to breach. Fewer than half… Read More »