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Spinach Berry Smoothie

This Spinach Berry Smoothie is all about the science of supporting a healthy gut!  We’ve partnered with Seed on this Science Smoothie to show you that supporting your gut health and diversity of your microbiome is easier than you think. (hint: it’s all about eating more fruits and veggies). I’ve been taking Seed’s Daily Synbiotic,… Read More »

30 day smoothie diet

Roasted eggplant, caramelized onions, fresh tomato sauce and a hint of sherry vinegar combine to make this late-summer eggplant pasta dish truly fantastic. Cake Batter in smoothie form…what could be better? Some of you may look at green smoothies and think, really? That’s just gross. Green smoothies basically look like a cup of grass blended… Read More »

Dash diet breakfast smoothie

Dash also provide a nice addition of diet. Sunday, March 3, Triple Delite. Dairy products are great sources Smoothie 26 g Protein: 22. Place all ingredients in a blender and blend on high. Serving: 1 g Calories: kcal order, to breakfast or Nutribullet. Labels: dash diet blueberry smoothie, of potassium, calcium, and protein. Instructions Add… Read More »

How to Make a Smoothie Bowl

The best thing about a smoothie bowl, you can enjoy nutrient-dense foods in one blend! You can create tons of different combinations, all of which will provide a strong dose of antioxidants and lots of health-boosting vitamins and minerals thanks to fruits and veggies. You can even get all three macronutrients (fat, protein and certainly… Read More »