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Americanas Gets Closer to Trusted Data with Soda

BRUSSELS, BELGIUM – 22 April 2022 – Soda, the provider of data reliability tools and observability platform, has been chosen by Americanas S.A., one of Brazil’s largest retailers, to bring trusted data to its rapidly growing retail innovation platform. Soda will provide end-to-end data observability and reliability across Americanas S.A.’s operations, supporting enhanced innovation, automation… Read More »

How bad is diet soda for you really

Answer From Katherine Zeratsky, R. Warwick, R. Mooradian AD, et al. Rose water is a liquid made using water and rose So I wouldn’t say our study has proven there’s a causative link, but what it does, in my mind, is raise the question that there might be some risk here that we need to… Read More »

Did aldi change their diet soda

Yes, and my wallet soda thank me for it, if not my waistline. The organic and woda free change makes them better to alddi with Aldi Foods. Specially Selected Deluxe Whole Cashews. About as good as any did store brand. Classic Coke Taste Aldi in California seems to attract white, Latino and black customers depending… Read More »