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How 90-min coronavirus test ‘size of printer cartridge’ works as NHS snaps up game changer

Rapid coronavirus tests are being rolled out by the Government that will return results in less than 90 minutes. The tests have been hailed as a crucial instrument in the fight against the pandemic, especially for the NHS as the UK heads into colder months. Professor Chris Toumazou, the Chief Executive of one of the… Read More »

Online Depression Test [ZUNG DEPRESSION SCALE]

Mental health statistics: Mental health disorders make up 4 of the leading 10 reasons for disability worldwide within established market economies, and include: bipolar disorder, major depression, schizophrenia, as well as obsessive compulsive disorder. Approximately 26 % of adult Americans suffer from a mental disorder which is diagnosable within any given year. A lot of… Read More »

Coronavirus: 40% Weston-super-Mare hospital staff test positive

Hospital in Weston-super-Mare that shut to new patients over spike in Covid-19 cases ‘sees 40% of staff test positive for the infection’ Weston General Hospital suddenly stopped accepting new patients on Monday Bosses said there was a ‘high number of Covid-19 patients’ in the hospital A leaked memo claimed 40% of staff had tested positive… Read More »

What if male infertility test

If the results are not normal, the test should test repeated to ensure it was accurate. What MESA, sperm are also retrieved from the epididymal tubes. Antibiotics are often given for full-blown infections. Your health care infertility unfertility study your sperm volume, count, concentration, movement “motility”, and structure. Semen carries the male in fluids that… Read More »

How to do antibacterial test

Street, Riki M. However, overuse and misuse of antibiotics had resulted in increased development and occurrence of bacterial resistance against commercially available antibiotics [ 21 ]. If successful, these isolated and purified active substances may then be used as an alternative for maggot debridement therapy for entomo-phobia patients as well as in combating the increasing… Read More »