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Coronavirus: Dexamethasone being used to treat NHS patients today

A life-saving treatment for seriously-ill hospital patients with Covid-19 is being used across the UK from today, following breakthrough results in a UK trial. Dexamethasone – a cheap, widely-available steroid – was shown to reduce deaths among patients on ventilators and on oxygen. The UK’s chief medical officers say it should be used “with immediate… Read More »

Can you flush used tampons

Carry around a cotton tube saturated with bodily fluid? More From Health. So, what’s the proper way to dispose of a tampon? Learn more. Can you flush tampons? If done right, they just end up going to a landfill where they would have gone if you just threw them away. What are you supposed to… Read More »

What is herbal abx used for

For you wbat a question about one of our herbal formulas, its usage or dosage, what us herbal it here. Xian Iw Cao. You have no items in your shopping cart. The use of antibiotics for an acute inflammation of the nasal passages over a long society. Whatever works best for your pet would be… Read More »

You Asked:  What Medications Can Be Used For Smoking Cessation in a Breastfeeding Woman?

Smoking is relatively common during pregnancy, with about 10% of all women smoking at some point during their pregnancy. The rates are even higher among women with psychiatric illness.  While many women may be able to stop smoking or reduce their intake during pregnancy, most women resume smoking during the postpartum period.  And women who… Read More »