The Rock Breaks Down His Back and Biceps Workouts for Black Adam

By | February 23, 2021

As Dwayne ‘The Rock’ Johnson trains for one of the biggest movie roles of his career, he’s opening up the doors of his Iron Paradise gym (or at least opening up his phone and Instagram account) to fans to provide some of the most detailed descriptions of his legendary workout plan. Usually, specific information about the actor’s training splits are reserved to rare Q&As on Instagram or the few times his strength coach has taken an interview–but as the big man preps for his debut superhero role as DC’s Black Adam, he’s breaking down the overall structure of his week to give everyone a look inside.

Last week, Johnson started sharing details about the training split. Rather than going from the beginning, his first video covered his Thursday routine, which included cardio on an empty stomach in the morning, then back and biceps training later in the day. Next, he shared his Friday plan: more early empty stomach cardio, then a detailed breakdown of his chest and triceps routine.

While we know that Johnson has just one rest day during the week—Sunday, when he embarks on his epic cheat day exploits in an attempt to “bring new meaning to the word gluttony”—he skipped over Saturday and jumped straight to Monday for his next video.

Broadcasting from his gym immediately post-workout, Johnson again broke down another training day. Like the other splits, he starts the morning with cardio on an empty stomach.

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Once he makes it to the gym to “clang and bang on these weights with all my friends,” (all by himself, in a self-deprecating joke), he kicks off the strength training week focused on his back and biceps. “My entire back workout consists of all supersets,” he says. “So there’s a lot of blood and volume being pumped into the muscle. Then I’ll transition to biceps.”

That means he has two days dedicated to the back and bis, since his Thursday training is also designed to target the upper body muscle groups. His Monday regimen sounds like it’s slightly less intense than Thursdays; later in the week, he stacks even more exercises on top of each other using tri-sets and giant sets, rather than supersets.

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Johnson also provided some insight on how he’s envisioning his Black Adam character. “He commands it,” he says. “He believes in an eye for an eye—he’s the Dirty Harry of superheroes.”

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