Trump to unveil healthcare plan covering preexisting conditions

By | September 23, 2020

President Trump is expected Thursday to put forth a healthcare plan that draws on executive actions on price transparency and rebate reform, with a pledge to protect people who suffer from preexisting conditions.

Trump will discuss the health plan in Charlotte, North Carolina.

These orders “were rolled out individually and piecemeal,” Indiana GOP Sen. Mike Braun told the Washington Examiner Wednesday. “This is going to be a more coordinated approach, so we have a better response to well, ‘If you don’t have Obamacare, what is your plan?'”

“You’re going to see uniformity among all Republicans that it does cover preexisting conditions,” he added.

The effort comes as Democrats charge Americans will lose health coverage if the Trump administration’s court challenge to the Affordable Care Act moves forward.

The remarks will showcase how “you reform a broken healthcare system to avoid the Bernie plan, or one payer system,” said Braun, who has introduced legislation on price transparency in the Senate and lobbied the White House on the issue.

“It’s the No. 1 issue out there,” Braun said. “We’ve got to have a plan because it’s the No. 1 issue on everybody’s mind: the high cost of healthcare. And, ‘Am I going to have access to healthcare that covers preexisting conditions?'”

Of preexisting conditions, Braun said, “That’s the major concern, and that is embedded in the Affordable Care Act. And, of course, that’s the problem when you’ve been trying to overturn it through the courts. That shows the peril of having a potential vote on the Supreme Court as well.”

Though Braun said he would not be in North Carolina with the president on Thursday, he and other Republican senators will be discussing “what we as Republicans intend to do.”

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Joe Grogan, director of the White House Domestic Policy Council until late May, said that the future of healthcare is likely to “hinge upon how the election turns out.”

Trump “could unveil the perfect plan, but if Nancy Pelosi stays in control of the House of Representatives, it would be difficult, if not impossible for him to get that done.”

“It doesn’t really give him a lot of advantages to go out with the ideal, perfect plan right now until the makeup of the Congress is understood in November.”

The Trump administration would then have time to devise a plan to restructure ACA spending “and all the misaligned incentives that drive up costs for payers, drive up costs for customers and patients and for taxpayers, and focus on people with preexisting conditions and the financially needy.”

In a statement, a White House official pointed to the Trump administration’s drug pricing and transparency orders and “reforms in areas such as opioid addiction, kidney care, and Alzheimer’s disease.”