Vlog: Will Depression Come Back?

By | July 13, 2019

I often get asked whether I am scared that depression will come back. My two bouts of depression were far and away the toughest times of my life, but no, I don’t worry that it will inevitably return like some horror-film monster.

Here are a few thoughts on the question of whether depression will come back, and why it isn’t something I fear.

hi this is Matthew Williams author of
something changed stumbling through
divorce dating and depression and today
I want to talk about something that
asked I get asked quite often which is
whether I get scared that the depression
all come back now I had to very severe
episodes of depression in 2006 and 2013
now after the first one I was convinced
it could never happen again never happen
to me again I always I believe dad
learned a lot about myself and about
depression and and I guess I got
complacent really about it the other
thing that happened since the first
depressions that I’ve had children I I
somehow thought that there would
insulate me from it that having them in
my life would mean that you know the
reason to be here having them would
always you know prevent anything like
that happen again
I was wrong I was wrong it hit me again
and and and one of the other things I
found I’d always thought that if it came
back it wouldn’t be as bad because I
knew it got better and it could be
overcome and I’m surprised to find that
that wasn’t the case when I when I was
ill again it was almost harder in a lot
of ways because I’m you and you but that
point exactly what was happening to me
and but the fact that it still happened
made me feel like well I’ll never beat
it then because you know it came back I
mean um but despite that I’m in answer
to the original question and I’m not I’m
not scared that it they’ll come back and
I think a few reasons for that since
that second depression I’ve learned a
lot more about myself I’ve been through
an awful lot which in spite of that I’ve
I’ve never come close to being where I
was during those two two periods I mean
I’ve had
rough times and I’ve been you know not
the best place don’t get me wrong but
nothing nothing comparable to you know
really hidden that that bottom point I
reach before I suppose the reasons that
I I believe I haven’t hit that point
again the reason why I’m not scared of
getting it again I guess what kind of
pass on to anybody that might kind of BB
fear in that is that the one that
because of the things that I’ve been
through and I feel I’m developing a
great sense that whatever happens in
life I’ll deal with it
and and and I see the difficult times as
temporary now in a way that maybe I well
certainly when I was suffer with
depression I mean you don’t it just
takes over you and you don’t see it that
way but but yeah I have that sense
brought real deep sense now that I’ll
deal with anything and I think the other
thing as well is that I believe to say
if you do what you’ve always done you’ll
get what you’ve always got
and I know I have through the council
and I’ve had I not have changed in a lot
of ways and yeah it’s fundamentally your
character and your nature but I’ve
learned to I guess I accept and manage
that you know where that maybe I didn’t
before the kind of self-awareness that
you can get out of depression is a you
know it’s a really valuable thing I’ve
found the I think the one things
impression that depression and you can’t
are sending I currently you know put my
finger on yeah well it was that thing
that caused it and it was that thing
that made it better
brilliant mad that’s it it’s all sauce
now don’t really work like that I think
it is you know it’s a complex thing but
I certainly think that I the don’t have
that fear that I’ll return I don’t feel
that it’s it’s inevitable it might do
you know that that’s always a
possibility you know I never thought I’d
get it in the first place but I did
but the flip side of that is a yeah life
will you know I’ll ups and downs again
what you know I hope I don’t go back
into that full depression have been in
before but as much as yeah like will
have it’s difficult part no doubt life
or how many more fantastic things ahead
for me in the same way that I’ve had
just amazing experiences this last few
years and you know a lot of them
directly because of those doors really
tough times that have been through and I
think that’s another thing that I guess
is something I always hang on to now in
in in difficult times I never get that
sense of hopelessness because you know
yeah I believe the dog those days ahead
very very deeply so ultimately whatever
happens I’ll be okay and I suppose
that’s a message I want to send out for
people that might be be struggling are
or worried that they may be going down
that that track that you know ultimately
there are things that you can do to to
protect yourself to help yourself you
know that will be different for all of
us you know we are to find out where all
the way through and find what works for
us but you can’t do that
and I thought that this might help
someone somewhere a little and until
next time thank you

This post was previously published on www.lovelaughtertruthblog.com and is republished here with permission from the author.

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