Who guidelines for flu vaccine

By | May 7, 2020

who guidelines for flu vaccine

Influenza circulates continuously, causing seasonal epidemics in temperate regions and year-round epidemics in some tropical regions. Influenza viruses are continuously changing, necessitating annual change in vaccine strains to better match with currently circulating influenza strains globally. Influenza A viruses may also cause pandemics characterized by rapid dissemination of a new, virulent influenza A subtypes to which there is little or no existing immunity. Immunization is the major public health measure for the prevention of influenza virus infection. There are numerous licensed seasonal influenza vaccines available, several of which have been prequalified by the WHO for purchase by UN agencies. There are also several vaccine candidates under development against animal influenza A viruses — influenza strains considered at greatest risk for causing a future pandemic. For WHO, the development of vaccines against influenza viruses with pandemic potential, as well as seasonal influenza vaccines that induce broadly protective and long-lasting immune responses are high priorities.

UK also provide Easy Read guides to flu vaccination for people with a learning disability. What CDC Does. Healthy non-pregnant persons see LAIV4 Contraindications and Precautions aged 2 through 49 years may alternatively receive 0. Children eligible for the flu vaccine aged between 2 and 17 will usually have the flu vaccine nasal spray.

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